IP Rights (to be updated soon)

In principle you have unlimited personal use for your Radical Penguins NFTs (think profile picture, t-shirt, usage in a D&D game, printing it and displaying it, etc.)

For commercial you can pretty much enjoy the same rights as for personal, with one exception. If you derive from the commercial uses of YOUR Radical Penguins NFT / imagery more than $250,000 per year in direct / indirect revenue (US dollars, or fiat / crypto equivalent) connected with the Radical Penguins imagery / NFTs / IP, then you will owe a royalty to us as well. Commercial uses can mean that you use it as a logo for your retail chain, having it on your craft beer logo, doing a set of action figures with the Radical Penguins, having a game with Penguins images, etc.

We really encourage every individual, business and entrepreneur to use our imagery, and the above limitation will only apply in very few cases. If you would like to apply to use our IP for commercial purposes and believe you will derive from such uses more than $250,000 per year contact us at: RadicalPenguinsXRD@gmail.com

We'll make this as easy and worthwhile for you as possible.

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