Radical Penguins™ claims the glory of being the first 3D NFT Penguin collection on Radix. Each of the 10,000 unique Radical Penguins™ illustrations in our colony will be crafted with love, care and dedication so that they have their own identity, personality and charm.

Radical in looks, passion and humour, sometimes peculiar, sometimes lovable, and sometimes outright weird, there is a Penguin for everybody!

Reservations (closed)

At the moment, the Radical Penguins™ illustrations collection is still being created and will be so for a while. The Radical Penguins™ are now fully reserved and we have ensured a fair distribution by limiting the Penguins a wallet can reserve.

Once Smart Contracts are enabled on Radix (after "Babylon") and after the full Radical Penguins collection is completed, you will be able to finally mint your randomly selected NFTs from our collection. This is likely to occur towards the end of 2022.


We give to our eager early adopters, our Twitter and Telegram followers and to the Radix Family in general an introductory bonus, in the form of a lower floor. As the supply diminishes the floor will rise as follows:

• Until 25% is sold: 150 XRD (sold out)
• Until 50% is sold: 175 XRD (sold out)
• Until 75% is sold: 200 XRD (sold out)

• Until 100% is sold: 300 XRD (sold out)

Important notice!

Do not send your ICE to other wallets once reserved. Trading instructions will be unveiled after 100% reserved (at the moment we look likely to list on a Radix Marketplace, so watch this space). Royalty and T&Cs apply. Please note that ICE does not have, nor will have any function per se, except as the initial way to acknowledge the reservation.

Reserving a Radical Penguin™ NFT is a positive acceptance of our T&Cs and Disclaimer (which you have read and unequivocally agree with).


| 300 XRD

  Reservations closed

| 10,000


| 641


| 300 XRD

Price increase imminent
to 300 XRD. Hurry up!


Price increase imminent
at 75%. Hurry up!


Enabling every Radical Penguins™ holder to enjoy:

• High quality 3D Penguin NFT illustrations
• The long-term solid Roadmap
• Strong Radix community engagement

We know that illustrations draws people into a NFT project, but utility is what keeps them long term. Our Radical Penguins™ will seek to provide (either by themselves or with other Radix projects) a level of utility.

Our aspirations:

Community engagement:
will be approached with humility and inclusiveness. We will answer your hard questions! We admit that we do not know everything, but we promise to take community input and work with you to solve potential future hurdles. We know that you have our backs and want this to succeed as much as we want.

Dream: Is that every one of our holders is genuinely happy with their Penguin illustration! We believe our Radical Penguins™ are very cool due to the look’s quality, fantastic community and unique character.


Pre-sales Roadmap:

Giveaway for naming our golden penguin "Kinguin Scryptorious the Immutable" to 3 members (3 ICE)
5 Radical Penguins™ giveaway for reaching social media milestones
82 NFTs giveaway (worth over 6,500 XRD) before launching
3 Ice Tributes to Dan, Piers and Andy (to be donated to charity)

Main Pengmap (In progress):

5% - AMA session with the two founders
10% - 1,000 XRD to a lucky holder
20% - 80 NFTs giveaway (worth over 7,000 XRD) to lucky winners
40% - Major illustration reveal: new models, select rarity items, short clips from "how it is made", extra items / elements, costumes, etc.
45% - Twitter Space session with the two founders
50% - 5,000 XRD to 5 lucky holders (1,000 XRD to each)
• 75% - "NFTs for good" initiative pledge (i.e. ongoing charity support forever) (soon)
90% - 10,000 XRD giveaway to 10 members
• 100% - Event (to be announced) (soon)

After 100% (but please be patient):

• Major website update to enable visualizations of all penguins and their traits
• Enabling a way to to randomly claim your reserved Penguins
• List of the Radical Penguins™ on a future Radix NFT Marketplace (or two)
• Real-life merch / swag available to buy
• The Penguins Tributes (100 ultra-rare penguins hand crafted by us) to raise awareness for Radical Penguins™ main project

About Us

Established in January 2022 by two childhood best friends that came together to create the next level of NFTs on RADIX. One is a world class designer and founder of a US based creative agency, the other is a UK based technologist with a deep passion for Radix. Both of us absolutely love Radix, its fantastic community and want play our part in Radix lore.

ArtPengu (the 3D Artist)

Certified chef, snowboard instructor, coffee addict and perfectionist.

Spirit animal: Penguin

IcePengu (Secret Crypto Nerd)

Chocolate connoisseur, paddleboard acrobat, undercover introvert and multidisciplinary superhero.

Spirit animal: Yoda (Star Wars)

Our Promise

• Dedicate our efforts to the Radical Penguins™ project
• Be an awesome member of the Radix community
• Support other high quality NFT projects on Radix
• Engage and listen to the community
• Act in a responsible way and support charities

In the news

Radical Penguins have rocked the boat quite a bit since launch with several projects and publications picking us up and with more to come. Have a look!

Coverage by Radix in "celebrating success" blog

Radical Penguins at Crypto World Con Miami 2022

Penguins in a Radix Game! They battle in "Golemz" and you can own multiple Pengus for your battle squad.

Penguins feature in Raccon City's "RadBros": an immersive MMORPG, with Radix NFTs, all decentralised and Play 2 Earn.


You can do whatever the Valhalla you want with your penguin. Want to use it in an upcoming crypto game, put it on your T-shirt, make a company logo, print is as sticker, do an expedition to the Artic with your Penguin on the flag because it's the coolest? Go right ahead, you have all the rights for commercial and personal use – no restrictions apply.

However, we will charge a maximum of 10% Royalty if you decide to sell your Penguin NFT (pretty standard for NFTs really) and ask that both the seller and the buyer comply with the applicable T&Cs and the prescribed way of trading (to be announced). The Royalty helps to cover costs, contributes to future developments, marketing and community events. However, this is not fixed and could be lowered depending on volumes.

Bonus: Do you plan using our Radical Penguins™ or developing a game, DAO or metaverse application on Radix? Let us know and maybe we can do something awesome together!

Important: by interacting with us, our website, or reserving a Radical Penguin™ NFT you have accepted our T&C and agree with our Disclaimer.

Radical Penguins™ NFTs are collectible digital illustration pieces that also function as fun and NFTs for people to collect. They are created as such and intended for people to enjoy collecting (e.g., use as profile picture, avatar, on a T-shirt, as a sticker, etc.). They are NOT a financial instrument, investment asset or anything equivalent / similar. See Disclaimer and T&C for more details.