Radical Penguins™

Radical Penguins™ claims the glory of being the first 3D penguin digital collectible on Radix. Each of the 10,000 unique Radical Penguins™ collectable illustrations in our colony is meticulously crafted with love, care and dedication so that they have their own identity, personality and charm.

Radical Penguins™ in Numbers

Traded volume includes the initial sale of 2,062,500 XRD as well as the volume on Viking Land.






329 XRD

Traded Volume

3,114,856 XRD

Trading Radical Penguins™

If you decide to buy, sell or move your Radical Penguins you can only do so on RadLand, and never peer to peer.

We do not process any trades, as we are not a crypto asset service provider, therefore, all transaction queries must go to RadLand (a NFT Marketplace on Radix).

You are now able to claim your NFT collectibles using RadLand's "claim" functionality, if you owned them before Babylon.

About the project: This is an art focused project only, done as a hobby. As such, we warn against making any expectations of profit or treating this as an investment. We do not promise anything beyond the collectible itself. Our goal is to create a fun, engaging, and positive experience for our community of Penguin fans.

Important note: Reserving and / or trading a Radical Penguin™ collectibles is a positive acceptance of our T&Cs, Disclaimer, RadLand's (the former VikingLand's) T&Cs, and you are fully comfortable with our Notice About Risks and the general risks involved with NFTs.

The Collection

Radical in looks, passion and humour, sometimes peculiar, sometimes lovable, and sometimes outright weird, there is a Penguin for everybody!

Our Vision

To enable every Radical Penguins™ holder to enjoy:

→ Unique and qualitative collectibles
→ The founders' commitment
→ Community engagement focused on positive experience for collectors

Our dream is that every one of our holders is genuinely happy and has a positive experience with their Radical Penguins™ collectible, based on the imagery quality, fantastic community and unique character.

Our belief is that collectibles can have uncompromising quality, be lots of fun and a force for good. Therefore, we do things differently, as seen by how intricately we have created the imagery for our collectables and our respectful community approach.

Our Penguin community is purpose driven and believes the same. Want to join our pengu colony?


We aim to be as transparent as possible, but within the limitations of being a small, hobby driven team, doing this in addition to other work and family commitments.

We aim to clearly communicate the project's artistic and cultural focus, the project's reduced (to none at all) dependency on the team (once delivered), and to answer all / most questions which you may have (so please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help).


Giveaway three ICE for naming our golden penguin "Kinguin Scryptorious the Immutable" to three members
Five Radical Penguins™ giveaway for reaching social media milestones
Eighty-two NFTs giveaway, worth over 6,500 XRD, before launch
Three ICE Tributes to Dan, Piers and Andy, to be donated to charity

Main Pengmap

5% - AMA session with the two founders
10% - 1,000 XRD giveaway
20% - 80 NFTs giveaway
40% - Major illustration reveal: new models, select rarity items, short clips from "how it is made", extra items / elements, etc.
45% - Twitter Space session with the two founders
50% - 5,000 XRD giveaway
90% - 10,000 XRD giveaway
100% - Event (to be announced soon)

After Launch

Website update to enable visualization of penguins and traits
Enabling a way to to randomly claim your reserved Penguins
List of the Radical Penguins™ on a Radix NFT Marketplace
Making Penguins Tributes, ultra-rare and individually hand-crafted by us to raise awareness and sometimes be charitable


With so many collections and projects popping up and so many roadmaps promising the earth, we wanted to create a roadmap that we could definitely deliver and have materially done so.

As this is an art focused project there should be no expectation of profit or gain beyond just collecting the NFTs as a collectible.

Whilst we are not promising future metaverse game releases, animated movies, coin staking, airdrops, DAOs, etc., as a collector you will be part of an early Radix collectible project which is art focused and that has tried to make the world a better place via charity donations.

About Us

Established in January 2022, we are two childhood best friends who came together to create an art-driven collectibles project on Radix DLT.

One of us is a leading designer and founder of an international design academy, while the other is a UK-based technologist with a deep passion for Radix.

We both love Radix, its fantastic community, and want to play our part in its lore.

Please note that this is a passion project for us, as we both have full-time jobs and other commitments. We appreciate your patience and support.

IcePengu (Secret Crypto Nerd)

Chocolate connoisseur, paddleboard acrobat, undercover introvert and multidisciplinary superhero.

Spirit animal: Yoda (Star Wars)

ArtPengu (the 3D Artist)

Certified chef, snowboard instructor, coffee addict and perfectionist. Constantly obsessed with pixels.

Spirit animal: Penguin

In The News

Radical Penguins have rocked the boat quite a bit since launch with several projects and publications picking us up and with more to come. Have a look!

How Radical Penguins raised 2.24 Million USD for charity

Coverage of the Peace Tribute Auction by Radix in the "Celebrating Success" blog.

Radical Penguins at Crypto World Con Miami 2022

We were a project partner to the Radix Community.

Radical Penguins reach the South Pole - Davis Station Antarctica

Radical Penguins face to face with real penguins near the Davis Station at the South Pole.

Clueless Dad in-depth review of the Radical Penguins project

An amazing twitter thread in which Clueless Dad thoroughly scrutinised our hard work.